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Sutherland Glass Art

Bryon, a San Diego native, is inspired by California’s vibrant Mediterranean climate. His interpretations of natural forms combine elegant design with rich, vivid color creating original, one-of-a-kind hand-blown glass art. He is a master colorist, and his work is recognized for its distinctive color combinations and ardently developed formulas, offering dazzling art that simply commands to be looked at. His unique style has produced an exceptional body of work that has garnered first place awards in heavily juried exhibitions, and created stunning installations for private collectors.  Bryon has developed a line of glass art that has caught the eye of collectors, galleries and fellow artists worldwide. Believing that it is important to keep the history and legacy of the Gridley area alive,  he designed a line of exquisite glass fruit that is inspired by the rich history of the abandoned canning operation in which his studio is located. 

The opening of the studio required Bryon to secure funds for working capital and to purchase equipment.  This injection of capital was necessary to pave the way for him to expand from a one man boutique operation to a fully functional glass studio that could produce larger and more intricate pieces of glass in greater volume for presentation and sale at trade show venues.  Bryon approached both 3CORE and the City of Gridley with a request for financial assistance.  Through this request, both the City of Gridley and 3CORE were able to partner and provide the funds Bryon needed to start his business.  

Without 3CORE’s assistance, Sutherland Glass Art’s growth would have been curtailed. “3CORE gave me a big step up where it may have been baby steps otherwise,” said Bryon. “I got to where I wanted to go faster”.  “My favorite experience working with the 3CORE staff is they are not just people with money, they have good business sense,” said Bryon. “They are willing to go further than a regular bank. They have great employees with helpful information. I believe them to be friends who helped me decide how to use this money best.”