What started as a 1999 high school FFA project has now expanded to a full-time retail and shipping business that employs four full-time and six part-time workers. Maisie Jane's offers dried fruit, nuts and other locally grown food products. The future is bright for Maisie Jane's. They are planning to expand the varieties of nuts and dried fruit products offered, while eventually acquiring additional company owned orchards. Owning more orchards would allow them to become less dependent on current market prices.

Maisie Jane's has succeeded in business due to an emphasis on personal conduct and how they treat their employees. They make a conscience effort to create a family atmosphere in the place of business. Both Maisie Jane and her husband, Isidro, are hardworking and dedicated. Both spend all day in the retail store and their evenings working in the orchard. Isidro Hurtado knows their dedication and hard work are the keys to Maisie Jane's success.

"3CORE really wants small businesses to succeed," Hurtado said. "They care about local businesses and realize it is what makes Chico special."

When it came time to expand the business the Hurtados found 3CORE offered the same customer service enjoyed by Maisie Jane's customers. The Hurtado's credit their cousin, a local City Councilman, with putting them in contact with 3CORE. This partnership has allowed Maisie Jane's to hire more people and helped their operation run smoother.

"We enjoy working with 3CORE," Hurtado said. "We can pick up the phone, call them and they always listen to what I have to say. They even meet with me on a one-on-one basis when needed."

Without 3CORE, Maisie Jane's would definitely still be in business. However, the Hurtado's credit the financial assistance they received with advancing their business to another level. It allowed them to do in one year what most do in three, saving a lot of time and frustration along the way.

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"3CORE really wants small businesses to succeed... they care about local businesses and realize it is what makes Chico special."

Isidro Hurtado