It started with a dream….Girls with Guns (GWG)--a catchy phrase that Norissa Harman believed would sell. Her husband, an avid hunter, would return with keepsake T-shirts from hunting trips. Although she enjoyed and appreciated his gifts, she thought she could make them better, more appealing to women.

This dream took root when she finally shared her ideas with a friend, Jennifer Adams. The two brain-stormed together, each using their individual talents to launch a clothing company.

Many hours were spent working in Norissa’s garage after most people had gone to bed. At first, the products were produced using off-the-rack garments and hats and a local screen print company. Norissa would embroider the hats using her industrial Happy Embroidery Machine while Jen would finish the product with a professional hat-press. The business started growing with orders coming in from local businesses, slow but steadily increasing.

As time passed, GWG was being encouraged to take on an entire clothing distribution company through its stores. They could not keep up with the volume and starting working with a manufacturing company. Rising sales meant increased costs. The duo started looking into ways to finance the growth of their clothing company.

Their search eventually, led them to the Job Training Center in Red Bluff who assembled a “Shark Tank” debut with 3CORE and two other small business investors. The ladies spent over two hours sharing their heart and vision of their company, displaying their passion for the clothing line, and presenting their business plan. At the end of the meeting, Marc Nemanic, 3CORE Executive Director, walked out of the Center wearing a GWG hat on his head and his promise to help GWG.

3CORE approved the loan for the funding of the 2012 Winter line. What drew the ladies to go with 3CORE was the fact that they had an affordable pay back. “They loved our story about how we started in our garages, and our “sweat” equity is what got us where we are today. We met with them in June and we received our funds for the 2012 Winter Line in November.” As the company continues to grow 3CORE has been there every step of the way.

Due to their growth and product recognition, 3CORE connected the girls with financial experts who advised them on how to evaluate various business opportunities and create a business plan that provides them with growth strategies that will support the business into the future.

Jen and Norissa were requested to be the personal stylists for Sarah Palin on her show “Amazing America” in March of 2014. They have spent the last few years traveling for GWG business producing partnerships with Mossy Oak, Montana Silversmiths, Proline Boots, and the birth of a new reality TV Show, “Universal Huntress”, with the Sportsman’s Channel set to air in January of 2015.

Visit GWG’s online store atwww.gwgclothing.comfor a list of local stores selling their products or order online. “We would not have been able to continue our growth without 3CORE’s belief in us. Thank you 3CORE!”