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3CORE is a private, non-profit corporation that works as the economic development planning and coordinating agency for the Tri-County region, composed of Butte, Glenn and Tehama counties and the nine member cities located therein. We will help you secure your next small business loan.

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Featured Success Story

Sutherland Glass Art

Learn how hard work and 3CORE made Sutherland
Glass Art a Success!

Bryon Sutherland credits a lot of hard work and determination for making his business a success. While starting his career by renting artist studio space from friends and colleagues in 2006, and with the assistance of the City of Gridley, professional studio space was located.

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Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
5-Year Strategic Plan 2016-2021


Loan Application

Loan applications can be complicated and confusing. That is why we created the Express Loan for you, the successful business owner. This simple loan application process will help you get the needed expansion capital without the hassle!

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Planning Division

The 3CORE Planning Program utilizes the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) process as an effective method for establishing investment strategies, goals, and objectives for diversifying and enhancing the District’s economy.

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Business Mentoring

The Business Incubation Program, an innovative approach to growing companies and creating jobs, was initially established in December 2002 utilizing State CDBG Enterprise Funds.

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